1. Log into your Aclaimant account

2. From your dashboard, create a new incident report by clicking New Incident in the top right corner, OR click on an existing incident in the Incidents tab

3.     In the incident that you just created or one that already existed, go to the Incident Summary tab and click New task

5. Select a task type (action dropdown), an assignee, a due-date, and a watcher

Note: a watcher is a person who is notified of any changes to the task, they are also notified if the task is approaching its due date or if the task is overdue, but does not have the responsibility to complete the task). 

  • Under the action dropdown:

 - Fill out a form - tells the user they need to fill out a form
 - Upload a form - tells the user they need to upload a form
 - Submit forms -  tells the user they need to submit a form
 - Free-text - user can enter any text to explain a task that needs completing

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