1. Log into your Aclaimant account

2. Click on the Incidents tab on your dashboard

3. Click on the incident you would like to navigate. 

  • From this view, everything pertaining to this incident is visible 

  • Under the Summary sub-tab, you will see any tasks that need to be completed and quick summary of the incident (above)

  • Under the Notes sub-tab, you can create new notes or view existing notes. You can also attach or drag and drop files here (anything attached in the Notes sub-tab will also show up in the Files sub-tab).

Note: Each incident has a unique email address assigned to it. You can find it by clicking on the paper airplane (which will copy the email address to your clipboard), or by clicking on the "send an email" link, which will open up your default email client. You can use this email address to forward emails to the Notes sub-tab.

  • To learn more about the Events sub-tab, see these helpful articles:

Events overview

Getting started with events

Managing events

  • The Files sub-tab shows all of the forms that have been completed and allows you to upload or complete new forms and files. All of the files, forms, and documents that have been uploaded for this incident also live in this sub-tab

  • The Custom Fields tab is configurable to the client. Please reach out to support for any questions on this tab

  • The Submissions tab is where you can create a new submission, and also where any submissions that have been create will appear.

  • If a claim exists for this incident, it will be under the Claims sub-tab

  • The Bodily Injury tab can be used to show where the injury in the incident report occurred

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