1. Go to your Google Workspace Admin dashboard

  2. Choose Apps:

    Note: If “Apps” is not on your home dashboard, you can search for it in the top search bar.

  3. Choose SAML Apps

  4. Add a new custom SAML app

  5. Enter in a name for this application, something like “Aclaimant”, and click Continue.

  6. Copy the “SSO URL” and the “Certificate”. You will need to send this to your Aclaimant Implementation Manager once you've completed setup.

    If you forget to download them or lose them, you can download the full metadata after completion. See “A” in the image for Step 9.

  7. Fill in the following service provider details:

    1. ACS URL: https://api.aclaimant.com/auth/saml

    2. Entity ID: https://api.aclaimant.com/auth/saml/metadata

    3. Check the checkbox for “Signed response”

    4. Set “Name ID format” to EMAIL

    5. Ensure “Name ID” is set to Basic Information > Primary Email (should be the default)

  8. No attribute mappings are necessary. Click “FINISH”

  9. After creating the application, you will be redirected to an informational page on the new app. You will need to enable the new application for the users that need to use it within your organization. Select “User Access”.

  10. Enable access for users, by either selecting “ON for everyone” or selecting the correct Organizational unit and turning the app on just for that group.

  11. Send the SSO URL and Certificate from Step 6 to your Aclaimant Implementation Manager to complete the process of enabling SSO for your organization.

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