How to Edit Policies

💡: Within Policies, you now have the ability to make your own updates by being able to relabel your policies, upload or download multiple policy documents, and select multiple coverage-types for your policy.

See steps below.

How to Edit Policies:

1. Go to the Settings tab then navigate to your Policies section and select "Edit" next to your policy.



2. Within your policy, you will see the option to update your Label name, pictured below.




3. Scrolling down in your policy, you will see an Upload button within your policy period. You can select this "Upload" button to upload policy documents.




4. While uploading your document, you will have the ability to select the Carrier type. This is a multi-select dropdown to ensure you can select that these documents are regarding multiple lines of coverage.




4. As you can see below, once there is a document uploaded, there is also an option to download documents.



5. Once all changes are made, make sure to press "Update Policy" at the bottom of the page to secure your changes.



To learn more about this or see it action, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Aclaimant Support Team to discuss further.



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