Product Release - Week of April 17th, 2023

ūüö®: Aclaimant has released some new additions within claims.¬† With these new updates, this will allow for greater efficiencies in users' workflows and provide further centralization around tracking and organization.


What's New?

Addition of Icon to Incidents that have a Claim(s) associated:

What's New? Aclaimant has added an additional icon for you to easily identify if a claim exists within an incident record.  This capability will allow for greater efficiencies in users' workflows and provide further centralization around documentation and tracking.

If you have the Claims module enabled within your organization, you will now see a claim icon located on each applicable incident in the incident list. The intention of this newly added icon is to easily identify if a claim is associated with that specific incident. 

You can view this icon in a few different locations. First, you can see this from the Dashboard upon logging in next to the incident title. Secondly, you can see this within the Incidents tab also located next to the incident. At a quick glance, if you hover over the icon, it indicates that "Claims are associated with this record". See below for the two locations in which you can view this now!

You also have the ability to create a Custom View within Incidents that is labeled as "Has claims?" with a "Yes" or "No" dropdown to easily view incidents that have claims associated. 

Questions? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for further details and how this affects your organization. 

Looking for what else is new? Check out our Product Releases page for more! 



Re-generation of Files (V3 only):

Now, you can quickly re-generate files to ensure you have the most up to date documents! This will occur within the Files tab and a new button will be available to those with the correct permissions & role. Please review our File Management article for more details.




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