Product Release: Week of April 24th, 2023

🚨: Aclaimant has released some new additions within claims during the week of April 24th, 2023.  With these new updates, this will allow for greater efficiencies in users' workflows and provide further centralization around tracking.


What's New?


Updating Incident tab to be relabeled as Incidents & Claims (if Claims is enabled):

Aclaimant has updated the "Incidents" tab to "Incidents & Claims". This change only occurs if your organization utilizes the Claims module within the system. 

Similarly, we have also updated "Incidents" on the dashboard tab and the Incidents subsection within the Incidents tab.  You will  notice that where it was previously labeled as Incidents, it is since been updated to reflect Incidents & Claims. 

Also, within the newly updated Incidents & Claims tab,  Aclaimant operations can now toggle off the claims subsection.

Questions?  Reach out to your Customer Success Manager with questions, details and further information. 



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