Product Release: Week of June 5th, 2023

🚨:Aclaimant has released a new feature within the Incident and Safety module regarding search criteria. With this new update, this will allow for greater efficiencies in users' workflow and reduce the amount of time searching for specific reports. 


What's New? 

Partial String Search

Aclaimant has released new functionality that will allow users to easily search on partial data points that are captured within the system. 

For example, if you'd like to search based on a partial word or a partial claim number when you do not have this information readily available, this would be the feature for you!

Best Practice: We recommend using quotes around an exact string search to ensure optimal search results are returned. This is a standard practice for search functionality. 

Questions? Please reach out to your CSM for more information and for more specific details around your organization's configuration. 



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