Product Release: Week of June 10th, 2024

What's New?

Email Submission Details

Aclaimant has released a new functionality that allows the users to view the contents of an email submission. The View Email button opens a modal allowing the user to see the email body (as well as the to, from, and subject fields) that was sent to the contact. The Download Email button downloads a zip file containing the email body and all the attachments that were sent in the submission. Additionally, when viewing file attachments users will see the version of the file(s) that was sent at the time of the submission.

submission example.png

Users have the ability to see exactly what was sent to their carriers so they can be confident that their incidents have been submitted correctly and have supporting documentation. 


*For any questions regarding this release, please reach out to your Customer Experience Manager and the Aclaimant Support team at

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