Submitting OSHA Records via Injury Tracking Application (ITA)

💡: Within the Establishments tab of an OSHA record, you have the ability to submit records to OSHA's Injury Tracking Application (if enabled and the API token is included within Settings). The submission will be sent to OSHA as a JSON file.

You can select the establishments you wish to submit and being processing those by clicking the Submit button. When running, you will see a "Pending" badge, and depending on the success of the submission, you will either see "Submitted" or "Failed" upon completion.

Many reasons exist for a failed submission. Make sure you have all the data requirements fulfilled within your Settings (discussed in the Setting up OSHA's Injury Tracking Application article). If you have additional questions, please reach out to Customer Support for additional help.


If you submit multiple establishments at once, you have the ability to filter by submission status to see which were successful and which failed so you can take the corrective actions to resubmit.

Submission Year

Establishment data is able to be submitted for the previous calendar year, beginning January 2 and ending December 31. For example as we are in 2023, the Submit button will only appear for records within 2022. All other years, the Submit button will not appear.

Change Reason

If you've previously submitted successfully an establishment's data, and you want to submit again with some updated information, you will be prompted to input a Change reason. This describes why the establishment data is being resubmitted. This change reason will be sent to OSHA only for the establishments with previously successful submission.

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