Offline or Airplane Mode

💡: Please note, offline mode is not as reliable as online mode.  

About Offline/ Airplane mode:

  • Offline mode is a useful tool for someone who is in a remote location with no internet, or in a location that has internet, but is not reliable. You will automatically be taken offline if you lose internet or the connection is inconsistent.
  • Offline mode provides a mobile-app-like experience by allowing you to create incidents and safety reports without an internet connection. It is highly recommended that you add Aclaimant to the home screen of your mobile device to more easily be able to launch the offline site when you need to.
  • To ensure a seamless offline experience, you must login to Aclaimant ONCE while you have an internet connection; at this time the Aclaimant site will sync the necessary forms to your device for later offline creation.
  • Once the user returns to online mode, the reports/forms that were created offline will automatically sync with the rest of your company data.
  • You don't have to put your computer or mobile device in airplane mode to force airplane mode in Aclaimant. Instead, you can put Aclaimant in airplane or offline mode without leaving the app, and still be able to use your computer or mobile device's wifi or data.
  • In the screenshot below, Aclaimant is offline. All features are disabled except for the New incident and the New safety report green buttons. All other features are only accessible when online.

💡: It's best practice to put Aclaimant in offline mode manually (see below instructions) if you have spotty internet connection. It will be easier to use Aclaimant either fully online or fully offline. If you jump between the two due to a spotty connection, Aclaimant will not perform as well as normal. 


How to Put Aclaimant in Airplane Mode Without Putting Your Entire Device in Airplane Mode:

  1. From your mobile device or your computer, click on the cloud icon on the top left. (Screenshots below are from a mobile device.)
  2. Then, click Activate airplane mode.
  3. Follow the same steps and click Deactivate airplane mode when you are done. All the work you did while in airplane mode will be saved. 


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