Filling Out the OSHA 301 for Recordable Incidents (V3)

This article is for customers on Aclaimant V3, if you are using Aclaimant V2 questionnaires, please go to this article.

💡: OSHA 301s are linked to incidents, therefore can be found in the Files section in Incidents.  Other OSHA reports can be found in the Reports tab.

Filling Out the OSHA 301

1. Once you have completed an incident, you will be prompted via smart task to fill out the OSHA 301 if the incident has been marked as Recordable.



2. Once you have selected Start task, you will complete the prompted questions on each screen. Please note that some of your answers from the incident report will waterfall over to the OSHA 301 form. 


3. Once complete, you will select Done


4. The completed OSHA 301 form will now show as a completed task under the Summary tab of the incident.

5.  OSHA 301 files can be found in the Files section in the Incidents tab in Aclaimant.  

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