File Management in V2

💡: For further information on filling out a supplemental form (ie: the "Fill out a form" button), please reference this article. 


Uploading a Form:

While using  "Uploading a form" can be helpful if you'd like to upload a file in place of filling out the form in Aclaimant, please chat further about this with your CSM if further clarification is needed.

1. Navigate to the incident summary page.

2. Select Files

3. Select "Upload a Form" 

4. Select the "Form" and choose the "File" from your local device. 



Uploading Related Files

By utilizing the "Upload related files" button, you have the ability to upload other related files, PDF (not configured as a form in Aclaimant), images, etc associated to that specific incident.


1.  Navigate to the incident summary page.

2. Select Files

3. Select "Upload related files" and choose the file from your local device that is applicable to the incident.



💡: When utilizing the "Uploading related files" button within an incident, the following information should be considered:

  • File Type (ex: screenshot, .PNG, etc)
  • Contents within the file (ex: sensitive PII)

Based on the above, this could result in the source not exporting. In turn, this may cause the file to be "blank" or not display information as shown from the original source.

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