Creating & Editing OSHA forms

 💡: To generate or delete OSHA forms, you must have the appropriate permissions.


Creating OSHA Forms

Within the "Create OSHA forms" view, you have the ability to generate a new report.



Screenshot above shows the OSHA forms creation main page.


Screenshot above shows the OSHA forms creation page regarding the number of incidents that will or will not be included on the OSHA 300 and 300A. You can select "Select More" for further details on incident information. 


Below are explanations of fields on the creation page:

  • Calendar Year: This is the only field which is strictly required. This defines the calendar year from which to pull incidents. Incidents with an occurred-at timestamp occurring on or after the first of this year and before the first of the next year will be included in the report.

  • Custom date range (Start date and End date): When this option is selected, you are required to input a specific date range. The selected dates must be within the selected calendar year. Incidents will be filtered according to whether their occurred-at falls within this date range. One thing to note is that this does not affect event data attached to an incident — all event data for the incident will be included in the corresponding report, even time that falls outside the range, as long as the incident's occurred-at falls within the range. For example, an away from work event that begins one week before the end of the range and ends one week after the range will contribute a full 14 days of away from work time to the report.

  • Stop counting days as of end date: This option is only relevant when custom date range is selected. Selecting this option will limit event data to the custom range. For example, an away from work event that begins one week before the end of the range and ends one week after the range will only contribute 7 days of away from work time to the report.

  • Group by: This dropdown gives you the power to select a particular grouping to generate a report for. If nothing is selected, all OSHA-recordable incident data for the company will be included in the report, and establishment information is pulled from the OSHA Info tab of the company's profile. If a value for the Group by is selected, the incident data will be partitioned into as many establishments as there are options available for that grouping. Groupings are defined by either Complex Custom options or by integrations. When grouping, establishment data is provided by the value of the grouping. In most contexts, the selected grouping will be an establishment. A few things to note: The combination of grouping and year defines the identity of the report. And attempting to re-create a report using the same grouping and year will not create a new report, but rather trigger a regeneration of the existing report's artifacts.

  • Limit to: Optionally you have the ability to limit the report to specific values of the grouping. A use case for this would be a custom option with thousands of values, of which only a few are relevant for OSHA reporting.

  • Signature: This optional signature will be added to OSHA’s Form 300A (Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses). The person signing must be one of the following: (source)

    • An owner of the company (only if the company is a sole proprietorship or partnership);

    • An officer of the corporation;

    • The highest ranking company official working at the establishment; or

    • The immediate supervisor of the highest ranking company official working at the establishment.

  • Date: You also have the option to add a signature date to OSHA’s Form 300A.



Deleting OSHA Reports

Within the OSHA Recordkeeping tab, navigate to the OSHA report you'd like to remove. Here you will an option to select OSHA Reports to delete or delete all OSHA reports from that grouping. There are three locations within the OSHA Recordkeeping tab that you may see the option to delete errant OSHA reports. These include the Summary tab, the Establishments tab, or the Date Range tab, all of which are shown below.

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 9.03.48 PM.pngScreenshot 2024-05-22 at 9.03.28 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 9.08.15 PM.png

Upon selecting the Delete button, you will see a pop-up message confirming your selection that you'd like to remove OSHA reports. Please note that once an OSHA report has been deleted, this report is gone for all users with access.  Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 9.04.15 PM.png

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