Determining OSHA Recordability Status

💡: Upon navigating to or entering an incident into Aclaimant, the ability to determine OSHA Recordability status will be available on the Summary page of the incident.


OSHA Recordability: 

There are four different types of OSHA Recordability that users can select from when reviewing an incident. These include:

  • Recordable
  • Not Recordable
  • Not Applicable
  • Undetermined

We recommend customers visit the OSHA website to find the most up to date information on the criteria OSHA uses to define a recordable injury or illness.


Various Methods of Determining OSHA Recordability in Aclaimant:

There are a few ways for a user to be able to determine OSHA Recordability in Aclaimant.

1. After you fill out the Incident Report, navigate to the Summary tab of the incident, and use the cog wheel in the OSHA Recordability section on the right side of the screen.

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 3.42.33 PM.png

2. Note: If your Incident Report has a question that inquires if this incident is OSHA Recordable or Not Recordable, Undetermined, or Not Applicable. You can determine the OSHA Recordability from this question on the Incident Report OR the summary page of the incident.


How to Determine OSHA Recordability in Aclaimant:

1. After completing the incident report, locate and select into the incident where you will be brought to the Summary tab of the incident. 

2. Navigate over to the section that is labeled OSHA Recordability and select the cog wheel. From here, you will see 4 options:

  • Undetermined
  • Not Applicable
  • Not Recordable
  • Recordable


3. Select the status that is applicable for the incident. Based on your selection, Aclaimant will auto-save your selected answer.

  • If selected Recordable, two additional options will appear that need to be completed that are labeled Sharps Injury and Privacy Concern. If applicable for the incident, please complete those questions.


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