How to Find OSHA Insights


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Don't want to miss any recordable incidents? Aclaimant's OSHA Insights will alert you to Undetermined incidents that may need to be recorded.

Aclaimant uses factors like incident keyword frequency to detect recordable claims. Our use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) allows us to flag and analyze claims that might be in need of review.  This add-on tool is here to help in your OSHA assessment process. See below for an example of what OSHA Insights looks like in within a claim.



How to Find Your OSHA Insights:


1. Navigate to your Incidents section and select your Incident.


Markup 2024-01-29 at 16.37.44.png


2. Once inside, your OSHA Insights will be to the right of the screen.




3. In this section you will see where Aclaimant flags incidents likely to be OSHA recordable. Aclaimant analyzes every incident to detect if you've likely missed a recordable incident.


About OSHA Insight Analytics:

Once OSHA Insights are enabled you are provided with actionable data all housed within your Analytics tab. 

This could include information such as OSHA predictions by likelihood, OSHA predictions made per month and even a visual for OSHA high likelihood common keywords used in claims. With filters, you can dive deeper! Below is an example of what kind of data can be shown within analytics. 

*Sample data is shown below and this is shown for demonstration purposes only*



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