Screen Resolution

💡: Increase or decrease the size of views in Aclaimant to suit your personal preference.

Google Chrome:

  1. At the top right, click More (︙).
  2. Next to Zoom, choose the zoom options you want:
    • Make everything larger: Click Zoom in (+).
    • Make everything smaller: Click Zoom out (−).
    • Use full-screen mode: Click Full screen (⊞).

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click the menu button (☰) on the right.
    • The customization menu will open and you will see the zoom controls at the top.
  2. Use the (+) button to zoom in, and the (-) button to zoom out.
    • The number in the middle is the current zoom level – click it to reset the zoom to 100%. You can also see the current zoom level in the address bar.
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