Adding an Email Signature as a File

💡: If you don’t want email signature images to appear as attachments when sending an email to the Aclaimant inbox and/or to a specific Incident/Safety Report, please follow the recommended steps below. 


Aclaimant's Recommendation:

  • If you don’t want email signature images to appear as attachments, we recommend hosting the email signature images on a web server. This will then be referenced in the email signature using a web URL. A hosted image would look something like this:
<img src=" " alt="Aclaimant" height="40" />


  • By doing this, your images are never a physical part of the email. Instead, they are requested by the email client and displayed in the message each time the email is viewed.


  • Your IT department may be able to help set up a hosted image and update your email signature to use it. Below is an example of what your signature should look like once the set up has been completed. Screen_Shot_2022-04-05_at_3.06.59_PM.png
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