Best Practice: Quarterly Aclaimant User Updates

 đź’ˇAclaimant adheres to certain best practices for the benefit of all customers and the security of the system. One of the ways Aclaimant does this is by removing inactive users access from the system.

How do we do this?

Once a quarter, user lists from all customers will be reviewed and users who have not logged in for the past 18 months will have their access suspended. It is important to remember that this will not remove users from the system, reassign system generated tasks, or remove a users name from any past/existing workflows. Users can also be reactivated at any time by assigning a role. Please see the article Adding and Editing Users for information on how to reassign a role to a deactivated user. 

If you have questions on this, or any other best practices, please contact your CSM for additional details. 

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