Viewing Claim Status History

💡:  It is common for a claim to be closed and later reopened. This update is useful for claim managers to be able to see (and search by, report on, and potentially be notified of) this activity to gain a more complete understanding of the history of the claim.


Capabilities of Claim History:

Claim History displays the date and author of status change:

  • Ability to calculate the total number of days a claim was Opened and Closed status.


Filterable utilizing Custom Views:

  • Reopened claims would be a subset of Open claims, including only those claims that had been previously Closed at least once.



Changing the claim edit view:

  • The user has the ability to specify the data that it was closed in the UI (User Interface)

Status history is available in Reporting:

  • Must be able to report aggregate Open claims for valuation for a point in time in the past
    • Example: Calculate the Total Incurred (from claim Reports) open on June 30th, 2021.







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