Using Tags in Aclaimant

💡: Tags provide users with the ability to organize their notes within an incident which greatly helps the Aclaimant user maintain organized incidents.


What are Tags in Aclaimant?

  • Tags are customizable labels that allow you to organize your information within your incidents
  • Tags can be managed by company administrators in your settings

How to Create Tags

1. First, please navigate to the settings tab within Aclaimant.



2. Next, you will select the Tags option to the left side of the screen.



3. Once you have selected tags, from here you will be able to create new tags to organize your notes within an incident. You have the ability to name your tags whatever you see fit to assist with your organization. 



4. When you have created your tag(s), you also have the ability to color code them to further assist with labeling and organization. Please select Update tags when you are done. Screen_Shot_2022-10-20_at_12.56.25_PM.png


5. To utilize the tag(s) you have created, please select an incident. When you have chosen an incident, please navigate to the Notes section.



6. From the Notes section, you will have the ability to search all notes and view all tags you have created. This will also allow you to search via your tags to find notes you have associated with a particular tag.Screen_Shot_2022-10-20_at_1.08.46_PM.png


7. After locating your note, to add a tag, simply select "Add tags to organize your notes". This will provide a drop down of all of the tags you have created thus far. 


7. Once you have added your tag to the note selected, you will see an "Updated tag" message at the top of your screen indicating a success tag being associated to a note. 



Adding Tags to Files

1. To add a tag to your files, please navigate to the incidents tab, followed by the files sub-tab


2. From this screen, you can search for a file or select from the displayed files below


3. Once you have selected a file, you can now search for a tag to add to this particular file. Once you have selected a tag an "Updated tag" message will appear at the top of your screen.



Adding Tags to Inbox Messages

1. Please navigate to the Inbox tab, from here your inbox messages will display, you also have the option to search through your messages.


2. Once you have selected the message you would like to add a tag to, you will see where you have the ability to add a tag you have created by. Once the tag has been selected, an "Updated tag" message will appear at the top of your screen indicating a successful save.




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