About Notifications


Setting or Changing Notifications

You can access your notification options at any time by selecting your name on the top right corner, and selecting settings.  


From settings, navigate to the notifications tab and select the settings of your choice.  Refer to the Configuring Notification Delivery article for more information on the options.



Your Notifications List

View your notifications list by selecting the bell-shaped icon in the top-right corner of the screen, near your user name. A red badge on the bell indicates that there are unread notifications.


Managing Notifications

Clicking on a notification will take you to the related task or incident, and mark the notification read. To view your previously read notifications, change the filter near the top of the list from “Unread” to “All”.


Notification Sources

Aclaimant provides some built-in notification sources that are enabled for all users by default. You may receive notifications regarding:

  • Changes to assignees, watchers, or due dates on the tasks you are assigned or watching.

  • Approaching due dates for tasks that you are assigned or watching.

  • Newly created incident cases. (Requires incident reporting to be enabled for your company and a Role with permission to view incidents)

  • Submission Error Notifications occurs when a submission to a carrier, TPA, or a contact fails. This notification will be sent to the user who submitted the claim. Other users within the organization will not receive any notification regarding the error. 

Below is a screenshot showing where to see all notifications, which can be found in the Tasks section within Aclaimant. 


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